shallow focus photo of black and white butterfly

A Short List of the Butterflies

You Will See Around UBUD

English Name: The Helena Birdwing

Scientific Name: Troidea helena

Description: Our biggest and brighttest species, all velvety black and gold.

English Name: The Great Mormon

Scientific Name: Papilio memnon

Description: He is the black Princes and you may be lucky enough to meet several of his wives.

English Name: The Swift Peacock

Scientific Name: Papilio peranthus

Description: Only here and in java may you see it - brilliant iridescent blue green.

English Name: The Giant Orange Tip

Scientific Name: Hebomoia glaucippe

Description: Very local, you may see it ini a forested ravine where the natal foodplant grows.

English Name: The Giant Crow

Scientific Name: Euploea phaenareta

Description: You are sure of seeing this huge beast, especially the females laying on toxic Dogbane.

English Name: The Common Palmfly

Scientific Name: Elymnias hypermnestra

Description: Observve with wonder both male and female which appear as two totally separate species.

English Name: The Palm King

Scientific Name: Amathusia phidippus

Description: Behold this reclusive monster jinking along a well-shade country lane.

English Name: The Red Lacewing

Scientific Name: Cethosia biblis

Description: Thrill to the unexpected appearance of this most brilliant of all tropical butterflies.

English Name: The Peacock Pansy

Scientific Name: Junonia almana

Description: Everywhere in the fields will you find it - brilliant rust and dancing in all directions.

English Name: The Commander

Scientific Name: Moduza procris

Description: Marvel at the fleeting flight of this beautiful nymph, neas forest and rushing stream.

English Name: The Common Sailer

Scientific Name: Neptis hylas

Description: Guaranteed a glimpse of this boldly banded beauty sailing on the ocean green, and more.